The Draft Plan can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the image below:




  1. Do any of these plans include overhead to underground power line conversions?


    • OPRD Planning

      Hi, thanks for your comment. There are no current plans to bury overhead power lines within the state parks addressed here, however, this level of construction detail is generally not addressed at the planning concept stage. In the future, as projects are implemented, there may be opportunities on a project-by-project basis to bury overhead lines. If there is a specific location where you would like to see this occur, please let us know and we will consider it as part of the planning process.


  2. I think the disc golf course is a great idea. With the sport growing at the rate it is and all the players who come to the courses we have now from out of state, I see no reason we shouldn’t put another course in. I feel it will bring revenue to the town and create great new opportunities for the tourists who spend quite a bit of time there now to enjoy the great sport.


  3. I feel that the proposed disc golf course at South Beach would make a great addition to the already destination worthy park. It would attract a whole different segment of the population that the park hasn’t tapped into on top of showcasing a beautiful part of the park that is highly unutilized. It’s a definite win-win that would benefit South Beach tremendously.


  4. Shannon Skaife

    Excited to see plans for a new disc golf course! This will open up the area for greater use by Newport residents and visitors to Newport. It’s a great way to increase the park’s multi-use abilities. The local disc golf club has proved itself an excellent steward and partner so far and will bring that ethic to the use of the course. Also, the bike access makes so much sense.


  5. Stephen Burdick

    I’m stoked about the State Parks stepping up on the Coast of Oregon for disc golf. We disc golfers see the inland valley State Parks making the big move at Champoge, Mission, Stub and Milo just to name a few. Why not South Beach. Let’s do this, let’s give the people on the coast and visiting a disc golf dune experience they’ll never forget. Go South Beach and your Ranger crew!


  6. Anthony Rizzo

    I’m retired and moved to the coast last year and have made many friends in the disc golf community since coming out here. I’m very excited about the proposed new disc golf course in Newport. At the rate the sport is growing this will add the Oregon central coast as a great travel destination for disc golfers. I heard Waldport is planning a new disc course as well. Very exciting!


  7. Kevin Roseberry

    I moved here 2 years ago and have been learning on the putting course currently at South Beach state park. I really enjoy the sport and all of the friends I am making with the local payers and the out-of-towners!! The sport is growing fast and I think the proposed area will be an amazing course!!


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