Meeting I. Kick Off- Welcome and Public Comment – February 2015

At our first set of meetings we introduced the South Beach and Beverly Beach Management Units and explained how the planning process will help guide the management of parks in these units for the next 15–20 years, and beyond. More importantly, we listened to your comments, concerns, and first impressions. Click here to see the presentation and read summaries of the meetings.

Meeting II. Assessments – August 2015

At the 2nd set of public meetings we presented an overview of existing conditions in the parks and asked you to weigh in on identified park needs and opportunities going forward. The presentation and comment summaries can be read here.


Meeting III. Concept Alternatives – July 2016

At our third set of public meetings staff presented draft planning concepts for state parks in the South Beach and Beverly Beach Management Units. More than 40 people attended several meetings and provided thoughtful feedback that informed the Final Draft Plan.


Meeting IV. Final Draft Plan Review – May 2017

At our final set of public meetings, staff will present the draft plan and invite comments. The draft plan includes summaries of the assessments, public input, values, goals, and strategies for park management, natural resource conservation, and development for the state parks in the South Beach and Beverly Beach Management Units.

General Public (Newport)

May 24, 2017

5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Beverly Beach Meeting Yurt

Beverly Beach State Park, Approx. 5 miles north of Newport, OR

General Public (Wilsonville)

May 31, 2017

5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Rose Room, Wilsonville Library

8200 SW Wilsonville Rd, Wilsonville, OR 97070

Advisory Committee*

May 24, 2017

1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Beverly Beach State Park – Meeting Yurt

Beverly Beach State Park, Approx. 5 miles north of Newport, OR

 *The general public is welcome to attend the Advisory Committee meeting, however, only comments from the Advisory Committee will be heard at this meeting.

  1. I am disappointed that all the scheduled meetings for this planning effort have been, and are scheduled to take place on the west side of the Cascade Mountains. I am suggesting you add another meeting in Bend Oregon. Participation in Oregon State Parks meetings in Bend have been well attended. People on the east side of the Mountains regularly camp and recreate in our ocean beach state parks especially in South Beach state park due to it’s accessibility (close enough to reach in one day’s driving or less) & being a jump off destination to other ocean beach state parks.


    • Thank you for your suggestion. We try to hold public meetings in locations that will be accessible for a larger portion of the population than only those who live near the parks. Usually this means holding meetings in Portland, Bend or Salem in addition to the on-site meetings. During the first round of public meetings we held a public meeting in Salem for the reasons you stated, but had very few people attend. Unfortunately, due to limited staffing we are not able to hold meetings in all parts of the state. That said, we will consider having a future meeting in Bend, and are also looking at ways to involve more people across the state remotely, such as “online open houses” or our new online mapping tool. We also emailed a survey to everyone who had made a reservation at campsites in these two management units within the last two years in an attempt to reach a broader audience and received more than 3,000 responses.

      We encourage you to share your thoughts directly on this blog if you are unable to attend a public meeting, and of course you can always write or call us if you have any questions or comments.


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