Summary of the 1st Public Meetings

Pub Mtg I Presentation

Meeting I Presentation – Click to Expand (includes maps of each park property)


Meeting Summaries

Thank you to those who attended the public meetings in February to kick-start the SouthBev planning process. We heard that, among many other things, you value the beautiful scenery, quality natural resources, and extensive public access to the beach that Oregon’s Central Coast provides. Please read through the meeting summaries posted below to see the full range of thoughtful feedback shared at the meetings.


Advisory Committee Meeting Notes – February 18, 2015


Public Meeting Notes – February 18, 2015




Next Steps

Planning staff will be finishing up assessments and identifying initial opportunities and constraints for the two management units between now and the next public meeting. At that meeting, we will present an overview of the existing conditions and ask you to weigh in on park needs and opportunities going forward. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, please take our survey and let us know what you value about state parks on the Central Coast.

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  1. terri fackrell

    I would like to suggest more amenities at one of the group sites. They seem to be no more than parking lots. If they were camp sites with hook ups and perhaps close to some hurts for some group members to use that would make them more used. Also if the group yurt had a small kitchen or a covered outdoor cookies table that would make it more useful for group meals.


  2. Our state parks infrastructure across the board is deteriorating. The legislature reduces the money that goes to parks and the add additional duties (care of Salem Capital). They add additional programs to the lottery so fewer dollars are available to the parks. Repeatedly people comment that they appreciate free access to day use facilities. I agree, free is nice but who is going to pay for the maintenance & improvements to day use facilities? I don’t want to see campground fees raised yet again to pay for the campgrounds AND the day use areas.


    • Thank you for your comment. We recognize that many facilities in state parks on the Central Coast are in need of renewal and will be looking at how to make the best use of our existing funds as part of this planning process.


  3. Do you see all yurts being equipped with Refrigerators and WiFi in the future? Or the option of renting fridges during the stay? I’d like this amenity…because I’ve never stayed in an Oregon State Park…only KOAs. And having fridges and showers facilities are Huge factors for staying there.


    • Thanks so much for sharing this suggestion. We are always interested in hearing these kinds of ideas from the public and will take this into consideration as part of the planning process. Of course, any additions to state parks must be weighed for their benefits to visitors versus cost to operations before being implemented.


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